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On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

Reviewed by Nick 

Just the Facts: by Andrew Peterson. 304 p. Published by WaterBrook Press.

Verdict: ★★★★

Who Cares? Children’s Lit

Short Bio: Three children in the land of Skree soon find that their lives aren’t as boring or simple as they thought. Janner, Tink and Leeli Igiby think that the most exciting thing happening in Skree is the Dragon Festival, but they will soon have close run-ins with several mean-tempered Fangs of Dang, lizard like men that have dominated Skree from across the sea; follow treasure maps, escape the Black Carriage that takes small children back across the sea to who knows what kind of fate awaits them; narrowly miss being eaten by a fearsome toothy cow of Skree, and they will discover the treasures of the kingdom of Anniera.

Eyewitness Account: Andrew Peterson, song and book writer, has a love for adventure and fantasy and a sarcastic twist to his sense of humor. Personally, I see him as an amalgamation of Lemony Snicket and Terry Pratchet. His hallmark is his faith, apparent in the moral message that he gives, perhaps promising an allegorical component to his Windfeather Saga. I enjoyed reading his book. He is not as repetitious as Lemony Snicket, and his writing style suits me well, though he does not have the smoothness of prosody that Pratch has. The only major critique that I would have for Peterson is that he brought his storyline to climax really early in the book and pretty much kept it there throughout the remainder of the book. Don’t forget that a book can have minor climaxes and that denouement and resolution can not only give your reader some time to process what’s going on but can also be a major proponent of character and plot development.        

Other Books Read by This Author:  This is my first book read by this author, but I will definitely be reading the next three books in the Wingfeather Saga.

What are other people saying? Darcy Gudger , Jill Williamson , Ken Reads


★★★☆☆ Plot Development

★★★★★ Characterization

★★★★ Writing Style

★★★★★ Original Idea

★★★☆☆ Page Turner

Overall ★★★★

One response

  1. It is a good book and a very good series. I think that you’ll see his writing style develop through the series. I’ve just finished “The Monster in the Hollows,” the third book in the saga, and it’s very different.

    I kind of miss the footnotes, which are absent from “Monster,” but at the same time I think that they broke up the prose a bit.

    All in all, I’ve enjoyed them tremendously.

    Thanks for the link, by the way! I’m flattered.

    October 4, 2011 at 5:46 AM

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